The Threat

Patients will be lost to medical device hacks! Don’t let it happen on your watch.

The healthcare industry is in the top 3 most targeted sectors in the world by cyber criminals, hacking medical devices and stealing confidential patient data. Let’s assess the damage:

What is Cyber-Nexus?

Two-layered security solution for existing network ecosystem enabling secured communications and protection of any device.

It enables communications while providing the necessary IT security infrastructure to protect patient confidentiality per HIPAA regulations and in accordance with FDA Draft Post Market Guidance for Cybersecurity.

Cyber-Nexus allows any network based device to join a secure and high-speed network. It delivers complete content and network protection by combining stateful inspection with comprehensive suite of powerful security features. It protects each medical device separately from others, with an additional isolated security layer.

The first layer connects each medical device to the existing network through a cyber-nexus device securely. Once this connection is set, the cyber-nexus device establishes a secure connection directly to the second layer, which is a management unit that provides stringent policy for full protection in different levels and areas.

The cyber-nexus device being a physical protection between the medical device and the network also incorporates Wi-Fi WPA2-enterprise verification and both Ethernet and Wi-Fi support. In addition to the cyber-protection benefits, cyber-nexus allows wired medical devices to work wirelessly and become mobile and protected at the same time.


Why Cyber-Nexus?

Cyber-Nexus is the only physical cybersecurity solution for medical devices available on the market. Cyber-Nexus shields your medical devices, data and patient wellbeing. It’s designed to protect you and it’s the trusted solution by a growing number of global users.

Cyber attacks do not discriminate, so are you willing to roll the dice on you and your patients?

Don’t leave your business vulnerable. What is within your control is protecting your business and those in your care. And with no alterations to the medical device itself, your regulatory certification and approvals remain intact.

Don’t be left vulnerable. Join the global deployment. Protect yourself and your patients against attacks with Cyber-Nexus.

Prevent Med-Jacking on your watch.
Cyber-Nexus compliments HIPAA compliance.

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Cyber-Nexus is the breakthrough solution that’s designed specifically to protect your medical devices from cyber attacks. Created specifically to eradicate threats in the health industry, with a growing number of global deployments and endorsements. See for yourself - get protected now.


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