Meet the ‘black box’ fighting Cyber-med attacks

Cyber-Nexus is a solution that encompasses all the recommended approaches in protecting your devices from cyber threats. Giving mobility and high-end cyber protection solution at the same time, by allowing WiFi connectivity and security even to legacy medical devices. Regardless of the operating system or the network connectivity method.

Cyber-Nexus offers individual layered security to your health care network, by securing and mitigating the vulnerabilities that can be introduced into the network through medical devices.

Cyber-Nexus’ dual layered network protection establishes an access point for secure connection. It then establishes IPSEC connection to protect security using a firewall, authentication, anti-virus, anti-spyware, encrypted traffic inspection and more through a second layer.

With wireless capabilities, Cyber-Nexus can protect medical devices while offering portability for patient and device transport.

By employing Cyber-Nexus in the health industry, patients’ risk to adverse health consequences is mitigated by securing those medical devices.

The two-layered security solution protects patient safety. Hospitals can protect their patients from cyber attackers that can use compromised medical devices to inflict life-threatening attacks upon the public.

Medical device manufacturers don’t risk their FDA certification as Cyber-Nexus compliments a medical device, adding an additional external layer of security protection. The security device enables communication in the network while protecting confidentiality and patient safety in accordance with the FDA’s Draft Post Market Guidance for Cybersecurity.

Hospitals, too, don’t need to incur additional costs to upgrade devices or software, instead using Cyber-Nexus alongside their existing network.

Don’t be the next Wannacry victim!

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