Government Bodies

Government bodies have a responsibility:

To protect the health and safety of the people they govern.

These regulators have a duty of care to protect against state wide health system shutdown. Don’t let your health system be the next victim of the next Wannacry attack. You only have to witness the devastating consequences inflicted upon the UK's health system when it was shutdown by the Wannacry malware attack.

A malware breach has the potential to threaten the safety and confidentiality of the entire regulatory sector.

A government body duty of care is to engage with Cyber-Nexus.

Protect your hospitals, healthcare system and security. Protect critical services and infrastructure. Protect shutdown. Protect your law enforcers from full-scale cyber attacks that can lead to mass casualties and a state of emergency.


Trusted by a growing number of organizations, Cyber-Nexus is your secret weapon to fighting cybercrime in the medical devices space.

As the only physical product on the market designed specifically to protect medical devices for healthcare providers, government bodies, manufacturers and cybersecurity consultants, Cyber-Nexus is your weapon against cyber criminals. Cyber-Nexus shields your devices from the irreparable economic and societal consequences of cyber attacks like WannaCry.

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Cyber-Nexus is the breakthrough solution that’s designed specifically to protect your medical devices from cyber attacks. Created specifically to eradicate threats in the health industry, with a growing number of global deployments and endorsements. See for yourself - get protected now.


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