Medical Device Manufacturers

As manufacturers, your duty of care does not cease once the product is on the market.

With a medical device’s capabilities within your authority, you have legal and moral obligations to protect those that encounter, administer and interact with the device.

Cyber-Nexus is the only physical cyber security barrier on the market designed specifically for bespoke medical device purposes in the healthcare sector.

It serves for both protecting against cyber criminals hacking into private data, confidential patient files and causing physical harm to patients.

With no alterations to the medical device itself, manufacturers can ship the device with Cyber-Nexus for complete protection of the device and a better user experience.

Cyber-Nexus does not void the FDA certifications, meaning your device remains unaltered, saving you millions in costs - cyber security that works seamlessly with your device, as an external solution between the device and the network, adding an extra level of protection to the machine.

As stated by the FDA, manufacturers are encouraged to address cybersecurity throughout their product life cycle, from design, development, production and distribution to deployment and ongoing maintenance of the device.

Don’t change your product - secure it.

With Cyber-Nexus, your clients have cyber security for your original devices specifically designed for their protection requirements.


Trusted by a growing number of organizations, Cyber-Nexus is your secret weapon to fighting cybercrime in the medical devices space.

As the only physical product on the market designed specifically to protect medical devices for healthcare providers, government bodies, manufacturers and cybersecurity consultants, Cyber-Nexus is your weapon against cyber criminals. Cyber-Nexus shields your devices from the irreparable economic and societal consequences of cyber attacks like WannaCry.

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Cyber-Nexus is the breakthrough solution that’s designed specifically to protect your medical devices from cyber attacks. Created specifically to eradicate threats in the health industry, with a growing number of global deployments and endorsements. See for yourself - get protected now.


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