The Threat


Operational Shutdown

Closure or lockdown of healthcare organisation, compromising patient care and safety

Health Data Breach

Loss of patient information and confidentiality, jeopardising private data and records

Reputation Risk & Customer Churn

Distrust from the public can lead to irreparable damage to your reputation and lost clients

Financial Damages

Financial hardship from ceasing operations, lawsuits, fines or ransoms

Physical Harm to Patients

Medical devices can be maliciously used to cause physical harm and death to connected patients

Life threatening hacks, pinching personal records.

Holding medical devices ransom, halting heartbeats.

This was the reality of WannaCry’s global healthcare epidemic, afflicting not just tens of thousands of computers and devices with malicious software or holding precious personal details for ransom. It brought an entire nation's health system to a standstill.

In May 2017, cyber attackers set out to cause physical harm on patients and businesses, bringing the entire National Health System in Britain to a halt.

The healthcare industry is one of the top three most attacked sectors in the world.

Medical devices in the healthcare industry are the ultimate bait, lured before cyber hackers who can access the network or control the device and wreak havoc on the patient.

Once inside, cyber criminals can encrypt precious data, steal confidential information - even cause deliberate, physical harm to patients and loved ones.

While 87% of healthcare payers and providers rated their readiness to defend against cyber attacks at 4 or more on a 5-point scale, most were attacked in 2017, says a KPMG survey.

Even the organisations responsible for inadequate cyber security in WannaCry’s wake were threatened with fines for negligence in the eye of public safety and security.

Surely ignorance cannot be bliss, especially when it costs such a critical sector so much to repair the damage to halted operations - and their reputation.

You cannot put a price tag on reputation.

So how will you protect yourself and those in your care?

Medical Devices That Are Vulnerable
to Life-Threatening Hacks

  • 01

    The Hospira LifeCare Drug Infusion Pump
  • 02

    Medtronic's Paradigm 512, 522, 712, and 722 insulin pumps
  • 03

    Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICDs).
  • 04

    X-Ray Systems
  • 05

    Blood Refrigeration Units
  • 06

    CT Scans


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