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Solution for your networked devices

External physical solution, a tailor made solution to protecting your wired and wireless medical devices

Global deployment

Deployed globally as the utmost solution to combating cyber crime

External cyber security add-on for your devices

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Complies with both HIPAA requirements and FDA recommendations

The only cyber security solution in the world for medical devices

When it comes to protecting your business, your patients and your reputation, you need to have a specific, dedicated cyber security solution crafted for your medical devices and their capabilities.

Hospitals might have drug infused pumps to administer dosages to patients, insulin pumps for patients to monitor their blood glucose levels, even implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs). You’ll find X-ray systems, blood refrigeration units and CT scans designs to deliver and monitor patient care.

What cyber attackers know they’ll find is countless ways to infiltrate those medical devices, by deliberately reconfiguring shock therapy, altering temperatures, intercepting email alerts, cranking up radiation levels or robbing organisations of their confidential patient data.

While a more connected economy undoubtedly has its benefits, the stronger the connectivity, the higher the risk of compromising the health care system.

For cyber hackers, it’s never been easier to hack into everyday medical devices the health sector relies so heavily upon every day to stay in operation. Just look at the catastrophic effect WannaCry had on Britain's National Health System, shutting down completely in May 2017.

Out-of-date software and unencrypted patient data weakens the system’s protection against cybercrime, making our medical devices easy targets for attackers.

Healthcare providers, medical device manufacturers, government bodies and security consultants all have a responsibility to protect livelihoods, confidentiality and business operations.

Failure to do so and the results can be catastrophic.

You don’t want to risk your reputation and see patients leave.

You are gambling with patient safety, confidential data entrusted into your care, ransomware threats, legal action and more.

Cyber-Nexus is the one physical cybermed solution on the market designed specifically for the healthcare industry to combat cybercrime, acting as a barrier against global cyber attacks.

Don’t put your reputation on the line.

Arm yourself with Cyber-Nexus.

Medical Devices That Are Vulnerable
to Life-Threatening Hacks

  • 01

    The Hospira LifeCare Drug Infusion Pump
  • 02

    Medtronic's Paradigm 512, 522, 712, and 722 insulin pumps
  • 03

    Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICDs).
  • 04

    X-Ray Systems
  • 05

    Blood Refrigeration Units
  • 06

    CT Scans


Trusted by the Victorian Government, Cyber-Nexus is cutting edge cyber protection against cybercrime.

As the only physical product on the market designed specifically to protect medical devices for healthcare providers, government bodies, manufacturers and cybersecurity consultants, Cyber-Nexus is your weapon against cyber criminals. Cyber-Nexus shields your devices from the irreparable economic and societal consequences of cyber attacks like WannaCry.

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Cyber-Nexus is the breakthrough solution that’s designed specifically to protect your medical devices from cyber attacks. Created specifically to eradicate threats in the health industry, with a growing number of global deployments and endorsements. See for yourself - get protected now.


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